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Title: Thermoelectric effects and applications: An advanced physics laboratory experiment
Authors: Aqra, R. 
AbualRob, K. 
Jaeger, H. 
Eid, K. F. 
Keywords: Thermoelectricity;Advanced laboratory physics;Physics - Study and teaching;Thermoelectric effect;Thermoelectric cooling;Peltier cooling;Seebeck effect;Thermal electromotive force
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: European Journal of Physics
Abstract: We developed a simple, inexpensive undergraduate laboratory experiment covering concepts and applications related to thermoelectric effects. Students use commercially available thermoelectric plates for producing electric current or for cooling and heating, then utilize them to perform experimental investigations that involve cooling. These investigations include studying supercooling and flash-freezing of water, as well as the temperature dependence of the resistivity of metals and semiconductors. The experiment allows students to easily add more components to investigate additional phenomena, thus lending itself as a potential open-ended ‘final project’ in the lab. The activities emphasize experiment design and scientific investigation. They also develop some of the main goals of advanced physics laboratories, such as the exposure to new technologies and experimental skills, data collection and automation/control, as well as data analysis and the clear communication of the results. This experiment can be integrated into the physics curriculum of electronics or advanced laboratory courses at the sophomore or higher levels.
DOI: 10.1088/1361-6404/ac72d3
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