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Title: Problems of exact generation of inverter output voltage.
Authors: Abu-Rub, H. 
Guzinski, J. 
Krzeminski, Z. 
Toliyat, H.A. 
Keywords: PWM;Pulse-duration modulation;Electromagnetic interference;Voltage Source Inverter;Dead time;Automatic control;Signal processing - Digital techniques;DSP;FPGA;Field programmable gate arrays;Simulation methods
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Electric Power Components and Systems
Abstract: In this work, a new voltage space vector PWM method is developed. The problem of exact generation of small voltage vectors is discussed. Two methods for generating small inverter output voltage vectors are proposed. The in° uence of dead time is explained and its e® ect on the motor current is compensated. A squirrel cage induction motor with reduced supply voltage is used for testing the developed algorithm. Simulation and experimental results are carried out using ¯xed-point (DSP) and (FPGA). In addition, the practical realization of the proposed algorithm is discussed.
DOI: 10.1080/15325000290085460
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