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Title: The motivation of non- native Arabic speakers to learn Arabic Language: Beirzait University as a model
Authors: Shaath, Sami 
Keywords: Arabic language - Study and teaching - Foreign speakers - Birzeit University;Motivation in education - Palestine - Birzeit university
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change
Source: Shaath, Sami Ihmidan . "The Motivation of Non- Native Arabic Speakers to Learn Arabic Language: Beirzait University as a Model" , International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change , Vol. 14, No. 7 (2020) . PP. 1-26.
Journal: International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 
Abstract: This study aims to investigate the level of motivation towards learning Arabic as a second language among international students at Beirzait University, and to explore if there are significant statistical differences at the level of (α < 0.05) for gender and major variables affecting their motivation to learn Arabic. The researcher developed a scale to measure motivation depended on (Manusak, 2010) within two domains: integrative motivation and instrumental motivation. The researcher administrated the scale on a sample of (134) male and female students. The findings showed that the level of students' motivation to learn Arabic language as a second language is (72.2%) as a whole, (70.2%) for interrogative motivation and (72.2%) for instrumental motivation. The findings showed that there were no significant statistical differences between means at the level of (α < 0.05) for students responses to learn Arabic as a second language attributed to gender in both domains, as a whole and on each domain. Moreover, there are differences attributable to the variable of major in favor of the of political science, followed by the social sciences major, and then humanities, so that the natural sciences come in the last rank in terms of their motivation towards learning Arabic language
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