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Title: “Battling COVID 19 under the Israeli Occupation’ In Risk Society and COVID-19: Reflexive Narratives from MENA Editors: Larbi Sadiki and Layla Saleh 2021
Authors: Ezbidi, Basem 
Keywords: COVID-19 (Disease) - Social aspects - Palestine;COVID-19 (Disease) - Economic aspects - Palestine
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has dire consequences for the Palestinian people. Not only has the Israeli occupation contributed directly to the deterioration of the Palestinian health system and reduced its ability to cope with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, moreover, as the occupation’s perpetuation requires a compliant Palestinian Authority (PA), it is conducive to―if not necessitating―the undemocratic tendencies of the PA with major socio-economic consequences for Palestinians. This discussion is divided into three sections. The first section outlines the occupation’s paralyzing effect by examining the various measures applied by Israel towards the Palestinian people in violation of its obligations under international humanitarian law. The second section outlines the shortcomings of the PA rule and the ineffective measures it has employed, causing the prevailing weak public trust in the government due to a lack of transparency and entrenched corruption. Finally, considering these factors, the chapter addresses the manner by which the pandemic has maintained socio-economic inequalities in Palestine and enhanced reliance on foreign parties; analyzes the securitization approach the Palestinian Authority has adopted to emphasize its control, and assesses the pandemic’s impact on democracy, civil liberties, human rights, and civil society in Palestine.
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