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Title: What roles may private business entities play that have an impact on security, for good or ill, in states going through intrastate conflict or trying to build peace after conflict?
Authors: Khalil, Amir 
Keywords: Family-owned business enterprises;Business enterprises - Security measures;Civil war
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The paper reviews the role of private business entities (PBE), other than private security or military companies that may have a potential impact on security. Inevitably, the PBE have become a part of any context that they operate. Their activities may have an impact on the societies where they operate the business. These impacts have a potential to both exacerbate and ameliorate the conflict. The paper recalls that, the PBE role in conflict is often overlooked, but they should never be underestimated. The role of the PBE "can be crucial, for good and for ill". Thus, the paper primarily examines the positive role of PBE post-intrastate conflict, and then illustrates the complicity of the PBE in the Intra-state conflict.
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