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Title: Supervised Training of Spiking Neural Network by Adapting the E-MWO Algorithm for Pattern Classification
Authors: Abusnaina, Ahmed A.
Abdullah, Rosni
Kattan, Ali
Keywords: Spiking neural networks
Supervised training
Pattern recognition systems
Statistical decision
Mussels wandering optimization
Heuristic programming
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Spiking neural networks (SNN) are more realistic and powerful than the preceding generations of the neural networks (e.g. multi-layer perceptron networks). The SNN can be applied for simulating the brain and its functions, as well as it is able to be employed for different applications such as pattern classification. Different methods have been proposed for supervised training of SNN, however, most of them were validated based on using the classical XOR problem, and they consume long training time if other problems are considered. This paper proposes a new supervised training method for SNN by adapting the Enhanced-Mussels Wandering Optimization algorithm. In addition, a SNN model for pattern classification is proposed. The proposed work is used for pattern classification of real-world problems.
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