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Title: Prevalence and Features of Pressure Ulcers among Patients in ICU Department of Governmental Hospital in Palestine: Cross Sectional
Authors: Qaddumi, Jamal A. S.
Almahmoud, Omar
Keywords: Pressure ulcers
Pressure ulcer - Diagnosis
Bedsores - Prevention
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Abstract: Overview: Different studies have examined the prevalence of pressure ulcers in acute care settings, but few have provided information on features of pressure ulcers that develop in the hospital stay. This issue is important to hospital care providers because it has implications for the timing of preventive interventions. Aim: Determine the prevalence rate and the features of pressure ulcers among patients’ in ICU departments of government hospitals in Palestine. Method: A cross-sectional design has been used to measure the prevalence rate of pressure ulcers in ICU departments of governmental hospitals and to assess the features of pressure ulcers. Results: The prevalence of pressure ulcers in ICU department was 33%, also the prevalence of pressure ulcers stage 2 or more was 7.34%.Most common stage for pressure ulcers was stage 1(73.77%). The most common sites of pressure ulcers are different site of vertebra 35 (28.6%) heel 19 (15.5%), shoulder 9 (7.7%), and ischium 9 (7.7%). Most of pressure ulcers sized between 1-3cm and depth of 0.5-1cm 21(72.4%). Unusual locations of pressure ulcers such as forearm (0.8%), hand (2.4%), and neck (5.7%). Conclusion: The prevalence of PUs was 33% most of them was in stage I, when excluded the stage I prevalence was 7.34 %. The author observed that the prevalence of PUs was significantly higher at vertebrae, sacrum and heel of ICU patients consequently, therefore, nursing protocols and skills that aimed at preventing the development of PUs may benefit from increased attention on these regions. The need for comprehensive skin assessment as PUs may develop in usual and unusual locations of patient’s body.
Description: A cross sectional study was used to identify the prevalence rate of PUs and the features that associated with PUs development among ICU patients in Palestinian governmental hospitals.
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