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Title: Towards the notion of gloss, and the adoption of linguistic resources in formal ontology engineering
Authors: Jarrar, Mustafa
Keywords: Semantic computing
Semantics - Data processing
Ontologies (Information retrieval)
Artificial intelligence
Computational linguistics
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: ACM
Citation: Mustafa Jarrar: Towards the notion of gloss, and the adoption of linguistic resources in formal ontology engineering. In proceedings of the 15th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2006). Edinburgh, Scotland. Pages 497-503. ACM Press. ISBN: 1595933239. May 2006.
Abstract: In this paper, we first introduce the notion of gloss for ontology engineering purposes. We propose that each vocabulary in an ontology should have a gloss. A gloss basically is an informal description of the meaning of a vocabulary that is supposed to render factual and critical knowledge to understanding a concept, but that is unreasonable or very difficult to formalize and/or articulate formally. We present a set of guidelines on what should and should not be provided in a gloss. Second, we propose to incorporate linguistic resources in the ontology engineering process. We clarify the importance of using lexical resources as a "consensus reference" in ontology engineering, and so enabling the adoption of the glosses found in these resources. A linguistic resource (i.e. its list of terms and their definitions) shall be seen as a shared vocabulary space for ontologies. We present an ontology engineering software tool (called DogmaModeler), and illustrate its support of reusing of WordNet's terms and glosses in ontology modeling
ISBN: 1595933239
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