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Title: Identification of dynamic parameters and friction coefficients
Authors: Afrough, Mohsen
Abu Hanieh, Ahmed
Keywords: Robots - Dynamics;Friction;Least squares;Polynomials;Robotics;Robots - Motion;Robots - Control systems;Automatic tracking
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: Journal of Intelligent and Robotic systems
Abstract: This paper presents the method for identification of the dynamic parameters and coefficients of friction of planar robots. The dynamic equations of the robot are directly differentiated in order to find the identification Jacobian members. The set of base inertial parameters are determined symbolically and the identification procedure is developed with respect to them. A polynomial model is adopted for the joint frictions and the identification Jacobian is expressed in an extended form which allows identification of the friction coefficients along with the robot inertial parameters. The method has been applied to the robot under study and the practical results proved remarkable improvement in the robot model
ISSN: 0921-0296
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