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Title: Structure of krypton isotopes within the interacting boson model derived from the Gogny energy density functional
Authors: Nomura, K
Rodríguez-Guzmán, R
Humadi, Y. M.
Robledo, L. M.
Abusara, Hazem
Keywords: Krypton - Isotopes
Issue Date: 8-Sep-2017
Publisher: APS
Abstract: The evolution and coexistence of the nuclear shapes as well as the corresponding low-lying collective states and electromagnetic transition rates are investigated along the krypton isotopic chain within the framework of the interacting boson model (IBM). The IBM Hamiltonian is determined through mean-field calculations based on the several parametrizations of the Gogny energy density functional and the relativistic mean-field Lagrangian. The mean-field energy surfaces, as functions of the axial β and triaxial γ quadrupole deformations, are mapped onto the expectation value of the interacting-boson Hamiltonian that explicitly includes the particle-hole excitations. The resulting boson Hamiltonian is then used to compute low-energy excitation spectra as well as E2 and E0 transition probabilities for 70–100Kr. Our results point to a number of examples of prolate-oblate shape transitions and coexistence both on the neutron-deficient and neutron-rich sides. A reasonable agreement with the available experimental data is obtained for the considered nuclear properties.
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