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dc.contributor.authorHalayqa, Issam
dc.descriptionAnalysis of lexicon of the traditional terms of field designations in the Palestinian dialecten_US
dc.descriptionPublished in : Mediterranean Language Review ; 23, 2016, pp. 75-92
dc.description.abstractMany terms have been intensively applied in the Hebron countryside vernacular to describe the landscape in sense of topographic appearance, cultivability, fertility, infertility, and barrenness of land, or the colour,1 surface, thickness or thinness of soil that the people cultivate. These terms are of substantives and adjectives in nature and still used by the farmers or peasants and often heard of when dealing with land and its products. The naming of the fields or land in general, or even plots of land was subjected to many cultural and natural factors. Forty six terms connected with the terminology of field designations have been collected from many anthropological and dialectological works.2 In addition, I then investigated if they are still in use in the contemporary dialect of Hebron countryside by interviewing some native speakers from selected rural areas northeast of Hebron.en_US
dc.publisherHarrassowitz Verlagen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesMediterranean Language Review ; 23
dc.subjectTerms and phrases, Agricultural - Palestine - Hebronen_US
dc.subjectArabic Language - Dialects - Palestine - Hebronen_US
dc.titleThe terminology of the field designations in the colloquial of the Hebron countrysideen_US
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