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Title: Some unusual open learner models
Authors: Abu Issa, Abdallatif
Bull, Susan
Ghag, Harpreet
Lloyd, Tim
Keywords: Active learning
Distance education - Technological innovations
Mobile communication systems in education
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Open learner models to facilitate reflection are becoming more common in adaptive learning environments. There are a variety of approaches to presenting the learner model to the student, and for the student to interact with their open learner model, as the requirements for an open learner model will vary depending on the aims of the system. In this paper we extend existing approaches yet further, presenting three environments that offer: (i) haptic feedback on learner model data; (ii) a handheld open learner model to support collaboration amongst mobile learners; (iii) an approach which allows students to open their model to selected or to all peers and instructors, in anonymous or named form
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