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Title: Burkholderia cenocepacia O polysaccharide chain contributes to caspase-1-dependent IL-1β production in macrophages
Authors: Abu Khweek, Arwa
Keywords: Ralstonia solanacearum;Pathogenic microorganisms
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Burkholderia cenocepacia infections in CF patients involve heightened inflammation, fatal sepsis, and high antibiotic resistance. Proinflammatory IL-1 secretion is important in airway inflammation and tissue damage. However, little is known about this pathway in macrophages upon B. cenocepacia infection. We report here that murine macrophages infected with B. cenocepacia K56-2 produce proinflammatory cytokine IL-1 in a TLR4 and caspase-1-mediated manner. We also determined that the OPS (O antigen) of B. cenocepacia LPS contributes to IL-1 production and pyroptotic cell death. Furthermore, we showed that the malfunction of the CFTR channel augmented IL-1 production upon B. cenocepacia infection of murine macrophages. Taken together, we identified eukaryotic and bacterial factors that contribute to inflammation during B. cenocepacia infection, which may aid in the design of novel approaches to control pulmonary inflammation
Description: Authors include Sheetal Kotrange, Benjamin Kopp, Anwari Akhter, Dalia Abdelaziz, Kyle Caution, Basant Abdulrahman, Mark D. Wewers, Karen McCoy, Clay Marsh, Slade A. Loutet, Ximena Ortega, Miguel A. Valvano, and Amal O. Amer
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