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Title: Intramolecular Acylation of Aryl- and Aroyl-Aliphatic Acids by the Action of Pyrophosphoryl Chloride and Phosphorus Oxychloride
Authors: El-Sayrafi, Sami
Rayyan, Saleh
Keywords: Acylation;Aliphatic compounds - Synthesis;Ketones - Synthesis;Anthraquinones - Spectra
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: Both pyrophosphoryl chloride and phosphorus oxychloride react with aryl-aliphatic acids to form mixed anhydrides which undergo intramolecular acylation to afford cyclic ketones without the addition of a Friedel-Crafts catalyst. Aryl and aroyl-benzoic acids could be cyclized to the corresponding anthrones and anthraquinones respectively.
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