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Title: Archaeozoological analysis of molluscan fauna from the Late Bronze Age stratum of site 4 of Tell Jenin
Authors: Ezzughayyar, Ademar
Swaileh, Khalid
Keywords: Mollusk remains (Archaeology) - Palestine;Animal remains (Archaeology) - Congresses - Palestine
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Molluscan shells were collected and analyzed from the Late Bronze Age stratum of Tell Jenin (West Bank, Palestine). A total of 2922 (MNI) shells were identified from the stratum and found to be belonging to 44 species of terrestrial, freshwater and marine molluscs. Additionally, a total of 6200 unknown shell fragments were collected from the same stratum. Landsnail shells belonging to 18 species and having a total of 1974 specimens were clearly dominant over freshwater molluscs (17 species and 916 specimens) and marine Mediterranean molluscs (9 species and 32 specimens). Among terrestrial molluscs,Calaxis hierosolymarum and Cecilioides genezarethensis (family Ferrussaciidae) were the most dominant landsnail of that Age. Freshwater molluscs were dominated by Semisalsa contempta and Pseudamnicola solitaria, whereas Mediterranean snails were dominated by Glycymeris violascens and Glycymeris pilosus. The construction phase of the site (occupation phase) contained more specimens of molluscs than the destructive (abandonment) phase. The molluscan study and analysis revealed paleoclimatic variations during the Late Bronze Age. It also reflected different patterns of trade exchange, food sources, and the use of molluscan shells as artifacts, including their use as ornaments, in traditional and ritual activities by the inhabitants of the site
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