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Title: Physico-chemical properties of multi-floral honey from the West Bank, Palestine
Authors: Abdulkhaliq, Ahed
Swaileh, Khalid
Keywords: Honey - Composition;Honey - Standards - Palestine
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Honey is a nutritious product that is produced by honey bees. Its nutritional value and genuine quality is of great importance to consumers. The present study aimed at evaluating the physico-chemical properties of Palestinian multi-floral honey from the West Bank. For this purpose, a total of 33 honey samples were collected directly from honey beekeepers in different geographic regions of the West Bank and analyzed for pH, moisture, relative density, total sugars, reducing sugars, sucrose, fructose, proteins, ash, hydroxymethylfurfural, and mineral content. The mean physico-chemical contents were: pH = 3.44, moisture = 16.53%, relative density = 1.424, reducing sugars = 78.86%, sucrose = 4.10%, fructose = 38.29%, proteins = 0.33%, ash = 0.14%, and hydroxymethylfurfural = 12.32 mg/kg. Cd and Pb were below detection limits in all samples analyzed. Honey samples were rich in K, Na, Ca, Pb, and Mg with concentrations ranging between 183.86 mg/kg (K) and 22.74 mg/kg (Mg). Other trace elements (Fe, Li, B, Mn, Ba, Zn, Cu, Cr, and Ni) were found in much smaller concentrations between 5.21 mg/kg (Fe) and 0.08 mg/kg (Ni). In conclusion, the results of physico-chemical analysis of Palestinian multi-floral honey indicated purity and good quality that meet the international honey standards.
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