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dc.contributor.authorMimi, Ziad
dc.contributor.authorCarvajal-Escobar, Yesid
dc.contributor.authorKhayat, K.
dc.contributor.authorSulaiman, Saleh
dc.contributor.authorGarces, W.
dc.descriptionEscobar,Carvajal: Khayat,K.: Sulaiman,Saleh: Garces,W:en_US
dc.description.abstractThedemandforsustainablewatermanagementhaspromotedthedevelopmentofmethodologiesfor estimating environmental flows(EF). In this paper, the EF in an Andean river(Pance, Colombia) for conservation and a Mediterranean river (Wadi-Zomar, Palestine) for restoration purposes is made. Different methodologies are applied given the objectives for each river. The authors used hydrological indices proposed for watersheds with different water regimes and adaptations and validations were made to the local context. These methods allow for estimating the EF at various points in the river and the assessment of disruption scenarios for decision-making. In the Wadi Zomar River, three sampling points were selected. The water samples were then examined for the presence of pathogens. No one indicator or simple hydrological parameter is entirely suitable for all environmental systems and pathogens. In the base flow conditions, the amount of pollutant load varied temporally according to the amount of load from pointsources along the Wadi, and spatially with distance from the same sources. Significant variation was observed in response to the hydrological behavior of the catchment. The assessment forthe water quality in the Zomarreflects a potentially seriousthreat to the environment. The results emphasize the need for regulating the seepage effluent from industries and sewage system along the stream
dc.publisherInformation Resources Management Associationen_US
dc.subject.lcshAquatic organisms - Effect of pollution on - Palestine
dc.subject.lcshAquatic organisms - Effect of pollution on - Colombia
dc.subject.lcshStreamflow - Palestine
dc.subject.lcshStreamflow - Colombia
dc.subject.lcshHydrologic cycle - Palestine
dc.subject.lcshHydrologic cycle - Colombia
dc.subject.lcshHydrology - Palestine
dc.subject.lcshHydrology - colombia
dc.titleApplication of Methodologies for Environmental Flow Determination in an Andean and a Mediterranean Basin: Two Case Studies of the Pance River (Colombia) and Wadi River (Palestine) Basinen_US
newfileds.general-subjectEnvironmental Engineeringen_US
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