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Title: Archaeological landscape survey at Khirbat al-Mafjar – 2009 and 2010’
Authors: Hawari, Mahmoud
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Maney Publishing
Abstract: The excavated and well-published ruins of ‘Hisham‛s Palace‛ are a spectacular example of the splendour of Umayyad architecture and decorative arts. Yet very little of the surrounding remains associated with it has been recorded or explored. These are now under serious threat as a result of the rapid urban development of Jericho and expansion of agricultural activity in the area. The Khirbat al-Mafjar Archaeological Project was initiated to explore and record in an area of about 10 sq km, with the aim to provide better understanding of the palace within the context of its cultural and historical environment. A pilot walking reconnaissance survey was conducted in January 2009, followed by an archaeological landscape survey in January 2010. There are plans for a third season in 2011
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