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Title: Excited states of^{4} He
Authors: Liu, H.
Zamick, Larry
Giacaman, Henry
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: American Physical Society
Abstract: The energies of highly deformed "four-particle--four-hole" states of 4He are calculated using Skyrme-like interactions. The .1=0, 2, and 4 projected states are then considered. Deformed har-monic oscillator wave functions are used in which two oscillator lengths, bx and bo, are allowed to vary. Both the energies and the stability of the states are studied as a function of the amount of fi-nite range energy in the interaction. Then a less restricted Hartree-Fock calculation is performed for the intrinsic state energies of both "four-particle—four-hole" states and "two-particle—two-hole" states. All the states considered come low enough in energy so as to be associated with the excited states of 4He in the 20 to 35 MeV range.
Description: zamick,L.: liu,H.:
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