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Title: Dose-dependent effects of dietary Pb and Zn on feeding and growth rates of the Landsnail Helix engaddensis
Authors: Swaileh, Khalid
Ezzughayyar, Ademar
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Dose-dependent e4ects of dietary lead and zinc on feeding and growth rates of adult Helix engaddensis snails were studied over a 1-month period followed by a 2-week recovery period. Snails were fed on an arti5cial diet containing the following lead or zinc concentrations: 0, 20, 100, 500, 2500, and 12,500 lg/g dry food. At the end of the 6 weeks, mortality rate among snails fed on Pb-contaminated diet was 18.3% (11/60) and the respective value for Zn-contaminated diet was 50% (30/60). Both metals signi5cantly reduced growth and feeding rates. Snails were found to be sensitive to zinc but tolerant to lead. During the recovery period, snails fed on Zn-contaminated diet failed completely to feed or grow normally, whereas snails fed on Pb-contaminated diet showed signs of slow improvement in terms of feeding and growth rates. The NOEC and LOEC for lead were 100 and 500 lg ' g 21 , respectively, while the respective concentrations for zinc were 20 and 100 lg ' g 21
Description: ezzughayyah,a.:
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