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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11874كتاب زبدة الصحائف في أصول المعارفالطرابلسي، نوفل نعمة الله، 1812-1887
21874Those holy fields : PalestineManning, Samuel, 1822-1881
31880Picturesque Palestine, Sinai, and EgyptWilson, Charles William, 1836-1905
41865خطبة بداية القدماء و هداية الحكماءالطهطاوي، رفاعة رافع، 1801-1873
51894Walks in PalestineHarper, Henry A. (Henry Andrew), 1836-1900
61898Palestine and Syria : handbook for travellersBaedeker, Karl
71869كتاب مناهج الألباب المصرية في مباهج الآداب العصريةالطهطاوي، رفاعة رافع، 1801-1873
81898The International library of famous literatureDole, Nathan Haskell 1852-1935
91877Byeways in PalestineFinn, James, -1872
101886Twenty-one years’ work in the Holy Land : a record and a summary June 22, 1865 - June 22, 1886Besant, Walter, 1836-1901
111895حسر اللثام عن نكبات الشام
121872The desert of the Exodus : journeys on foot in the wilderness of the forty years wanderingsPalmer, Edward Henry, 1840-1882
131894كتاب زبدة كشف الممالك و بيان الطرق و المسالكإبن شاهين، خليل بن شاهين الظاهري، 1410-1468
141879كتاب المفصل في النحوالزمخشري، محمود بن عمر بن محمد، 1075-1144
151841Biblical researches in Palestine , Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea : a journal of travels in the year 1838, by E. Robinson and E. Smith undertaken in reference to Biblical geography . Drawn up from the original diaries, with historical illus.Robinson, Edward, 1794-1863
161865كتاب الأنساب : المتفقة في الخط، المتماثلة في النقط و الضبطإبن القيسراني، محمد بن طاهر بن علي، 1056-1113; الأصبهاني، أبو موسى محمد بن عمر، 1108-1185
171889The life of Charlotte BronteGaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865
181873The women of the ArabsJessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910
191873The women of the ArabsJessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910
201889The history of the thirty years' warSchiller, Friedrich, 1759-1805
211884كتاب صفوة الإعتبار بمستودع الأمصار و الأقطاربيرم، محمد بن مصطفى، 1840-1889
221899Following the equator : a journey around the worldTwain, Mark ,1835-1910
231821Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations, in Egypt and NubiaBelzoni, Giovanni Battista,1778-1823; Belzoni, Belzoni, Mrs. (Sarah), 1783-1870
241886Egypt from the earliest times to B.C. 300Birch, Samuel, 1813-1885
251890Catacombs of Rome : and their testimony relative to primitive ChristianityWithrow, W. H. (William Henry), 1839-1908
261846The life of LutherMichelet, Jules, 1798-1874
271883The land and the book : the Holy LandThomson, William M.
281850Life of MahometIrving, Washington, 1783-1859
291838Letters on Egypt, Edom, and the Holy LandCrawford, Alexander Crawford Lindsay, Earl of, 1812-1880
301856The history of Massachusetts the provincial periodBarry, John Stetson, 1819-1872
311889PhoeniciaRawlinson, George,1812-1902
321871Holy Roman EmpireBryce, James
331874كتاب زبدة الصحائف في أصول المعارفالطرابلسي، نوفل نعمة الله، 1812-1887
341851Christian iconography : or the history of Christian art in the Middle agesDidron, Adolphe Napoleon, 1806-1867; Millington, E. J.; Stokes, Margaret, 1832-1900
351897كتاب أصول القوانين / تأليف محمد رأفت ؛ كتاب واجبات العمدة القضائية و الادارية و الاجراآت الواجب اتخاذها في كل منهما / جمع و تأليف عبد الفتاح رفعترأفت, محمد; رفعت, عبد الفتاح
361877Greek cities & islands of Asia MinorVaux, W. S. W. (William Sandys Wright), 1818-1885
371855Coins of ancient Lycia : before the reign of AlexanderFellows, Charles, Sir, 1799-1860
381886Echoes of Bible historyWalsh, W. Pakenham (William Pakenham), 1820-1902
391816Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco , Tripoli , Cyprus , Egypt , Arabia , Syria , and Turkey , between the years 1803 - 1807
401880Cameos from English history : the wars in France
411889PalestineConder, C. R. (Claude Reignier), 1848-1910
421882The land of Israel : a journal of travels in Palestine : undertaken with special reference to its physical characterTristram, H. B. (Henry Baker), 1822-1906
431870The Rob Roy on the Jordan : Nile, Red Sea and GennesarethMacGregor, John, 1825-1892
441886Assyria : from the earliest times to the fall of NinevehSmith, George, 1840-1876
451881East of the Jordan : a record of travel and observation in the countries of Moab, Gilead and BashanMerrill, Selah, 1837-1909
461884The history of BabyloniaSmith, George, 1840-1876
471849Narrative of the United States expedition to the River of Jordan and the Dead SeaLynch, W. F.
481878Mycenae : a narrative of researches and discoveries at Mycenae and TirynsSchliemann, Heinrich, 1822-1890
491869Some aspects of the reformationCazenove, John Gibson, 1821-1896
501831The history of the maritime wars of the TurksKatip, Celebi, 1609-1657
Results 1-50 of 161 (Search time: 1.194 seconds).