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Title: ChemInform abstract: studies on the reactions of Ferric Iron with Ascorbic Acid: a study of solution chemistry using moessbauer spectroscopy and stopped-flow techniques
Authors: Hamed, Mazen
Silver, Jack
Wilson, Michael
Morrison, Ian E. G.
Issue Date: Jan-1987
Publisher: ResearchGate
Abstract: A number of polymeric iron(III) oxidised glutathione materials have been prepared. Mijssbauer spectroscopic, magnetic susceptibility data and electronic reflectance spectra studies on these iron- (III) materials are discussed. the red complex contained iron(II1). A scheme for the iron catalyzed oxidation of GSH . by molecular oxygen was presented. We have also reported a study of the reaction of GSH with protoporphyrin IX iron(II1); little evidence for reduction of the Fe(II1) in the porphyrin was found [4]. Two stoichiometries 1: 1 and 1:2 have been established for iron(glutathione materials. Spectroscopic studies show that the 1:l materials contain high spin iron(I1) in distorted five and six coordinated environments, whereas the 1:2 materials contain only distorted six-coordinated high spin iron(I1). The nature of the coordinating ligands are discussed.
Description: Jack,Silver:Brunel University London Michael,Wilson:University of Essex
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