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Title: Geopolitical transformation by using GIS Jenin Destrict ,Palestine
Authors: Thawaba, Salem
Ja'far, Qabaha
Issue Date: Jan-2000
Publisher: ResearchGate
Abstract: With the approach of the time of withdrawal of the forces of the British Mandate in Palestine, and increased Jewish immigration rates, division projects emerge again, where was released first partition resolution by the United Nations, Resolution No. 181 in November 1947 the partition of Palestine into two states, one for Arabs and one for Jews The impact of partition on the borders of Jenin was simple, where it was supposed to deduct parts of the west of the province, including one village only, And turn Jenin to link point between the Palestinian part of the Galilee and other parts remaining under the control of the Arabs. But the partition resolution did not apply at all Zionist gangs declared the state of Israel before the end of the British Mandate over Palestine on May 15, 1948, one day before the withdrawal of Britain, resulting in the beginning of the war the Nakba in 1948, where she worked for the Zionist gangs to destroy the villages and the occupation of Palestinian cities. there was no settlement of the Jews within the boundaries of Jenin , but the Jews gangs Attacked towards the Jenin area to occupy the plain fertile Jezreel Valley, in the beginning of the war the Zionist forces were able to maintain the occupation of the northern areas and defrauded the northern villages, and abandon its inhabitants ,But you can not progress much within easy area cheerful Ben Amer, even got support enabled them to defrauded easy Jezreel Valley and the city of Jenin forces. (Mahjoub,2009) . After the end of the truce Zionist occupation forces worked on larger tracts of Jenin until the signing of a permanent truce in Rhodes 1949 Convention, where, during which the demarcation of the borders of the region, or what is known as the Green Line between Alasraúaa and the Arab side side , And the agreement has worked to deliver more of the territory of Jenin forces of Zionism part Despite a survival under Arab control over the availability of the war, Where it was truncated approximately 243 sq km area of the province, the occupation of 25 Palestinian villages of the province ‘in addition to the division of the town into two half Barta Arab (Barta’a) and a half west (Western Barta).
Description: Ja'far,Qabaha:
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