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Title: Study of the scavenging behavior and structural changes accompanying the interaction of aqueous Pb2+ and Sr2+ ions with calcite
Authors: Shahwan, Talal 
Zunbul, B. 
Akar, D. 
Issue Date: Jan-2005
Publisher: ResearchGate
Abstract: The uptake of Pb2+ and Sr2+ ions from aqueous solutions by calcite was studied at various initial concentrations and pH conditions using the batch method under ambient conditions. XRPD, SEM/EDS, AAS/AES, and DRIFT techniques were used in characterizing the sorption process. The results indicated that the retention mechanism of Pb2+ and Sr2+ ions ranged from ion incorporation to precipitate overgrowth (cerussite, hydrocerussite for Pb, strontianite for Sr) depending on the concentration and pH conditions. The calcite structure seemed to be entirely vanishing upon formation of cerussite and hydrocerussite while partial dissolution of calcite occurred upon strontianite formation. The formation of precipitates showed rapid kinetics, and equilibrium seemed to be reached within about an hour from the start of mixing. SEM analysis showed that cerussite, hydrocerussite, and strontianite had columnar prismatic-like, tabular hexagonal-like, and needlelike morphologies. Based on a nine-month observation period, dry samples of hydrocerussite seemed to show more morphological stability than cerussite. EDS analysis indicated that Pb2+ sorption is more favored than that of Sr2+, particularly in the phase of precipitate overgrowth. DRIFT analysis indicated a change in the symmetry of the carbonate groups in calcite matrix upon uptake of Pb2+ and Sr2+ cations.
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