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Title: Tunneling Studies and Anomalous behavior of Specially annealed YBCO samples ,CTAP First Symposium on Magnetics,Irbid,Jordan,22-24 Nov. 1993
Authors: Jisrawi, Najeh M.
Hamed, Mazen
Issue Date: Nov-1993
Publisher: ResearchGate
Abstract: We have prepa red nonsuperconducting Y- Ba - Cu··O sampl e !'! t hat s llo\oI anomalous drops i n resi sti v i ty at temperatures a bo ve 200K. We believe ttlat t h e se trallsitions are re l at e d to t he qranu lar structure of the samp les and to the effec t of c urrcllt 0 .1 t he weak links inside t Il e bllik sampl es
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