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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Collective Identity and Readiness for Social Relations with Jews among Palestinian Arab Students at the David Yellin Teacher Training College in IsraelDiab, Khansa; Miari, Mahmoud
2Jan-2007الدلائل الإرشادية لمتطلبات السباحة الآمنة في أحواض السباحة وشواطئ الاستحمامالخطيب، عصام أحمد
32009Low-delay low-complexity bandwidth-constrained wireless video transmission using SVC over MIMO systemsJubran, Mohammad; Bansal, Manu; Kondi, Lisimachos P.
4Apr-2008Ceramide synthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum can permeabilize mitochondria to proapoptotic proteinsStiban, Johnny; Caputo, Laura; Colombini, Marco
5Jul-2007Retention of aqueous Ba2+ ions by calcite and aragonite over a wide range of concentrations : characterization of the uptake capacity, and kinetics of sorption and precipitate formaTunusoglu, O.; Shahwan, Talal; Eroglu, A. E.
62001Plasma total cysteine as a risk factor for vascular disease : The European Concerted Action Project.El-Khairy, Lina; Ueland, Per M.; Refsum, Helga; Graham, Ian; Vollset, Stein
72008"Harsh State Repression as a Cause of Suicide Bombing: The Case of the Palestinian-Israeli ConflictAraj, Bader
8Sep-2005Thermal kaon production in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsGiacaman, Henry
912-Dec-2007eIFL-PALICO RelationshipSayej, Diana
102005Adaptation of RUSLE in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean RegionBorresen, Trond; Abu Hammad, Ahmad; Lunderkvam, H.