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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Application of Methodologies for Environmental Flow Determination in an Andean and a Mediterranean Basin: Two Case Studies of the Pance River (Colombia) and Wadi River (Palestine) BasinMimi, Ziad; Carvajal-Escobar, Yesid; Khayat, K.; Sulaiman, Saleh; Garces, W.
2013يحيى حمّودة ومنظمة التحرير في الفترة الانتقاليةحمودة، سميح
2012Communicating experience of 3D space: Mathematical and everyday discourseMorgan, Candia; Alshwaikh, Jehad; Morgan, Candia; Alshwaikh, Jehad
2012Misleading Advertising Practices in Consumer Transactions: Can Arab Lawmakers Gain an Advantage from European Insight?Fayyad, Mahmoud
2012Synthesis of amidoximated polyacrylonitrile fibers and its application for sorption of aqueous uranyl ions under continuous flowShahwan, Talal; Horzum, Nesrin; Parlak, Onur; Demir, Mustafa M.
2013Light cluster formation in low density nuclear matter and the stability of hot nuclei [Article]Talahmeh, Saeda; Giacaman, Henry
Apr-2014Rural Development and Community Participation within Joint Planning Areas Al- Yaserreyeh Case Study Rural Development and Community Participation within Joint Planning Areas Al-Yase…Thawaba, Salem
Oct-2012Workers' safety in the construction industry in the southern West Bank of PalestineKhatib, Issam
Apr-2010Multi Criteria and Landfill Site Selection Using Gis: A Case Study From Palestine~!2010-01- 01~!2010-01-24~!2010-03-19~!Mahamid, Ibrahim; Thawaba, Salem
Jan-2014Population Impact on Land-use/cover change: its impact on nature Global ChangeThawaba, Salem