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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-1999Optimum decision policy for management of pavement maintenance and rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
21999Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of cis-(piperidine)(L)Mo(CO)4 complexes with phosphines and phosphites.Awad, Hani
3Jul-1992Gold target fragmentation by 800 GeV protonsGiacaman, Henry; Sihver, Lembit; Aleklett, Kjell; Loveland, Walter
4Mar-1976The nucleus-nucleus potentialGiacaman, Henry
5Jan-1984Sub-barrier fusion of heavy ionsGiacaman, Henry
618-Oct-1989On the complexity of the initial stages of Arabic text processingYahya, Adnan
7Jan-1999Modular limit for flumes of rectangular compound sectionsKhatib, Issam
8Nov-1984High multipole moments in nucleiGiacaman, Henry
91991Monomer and dimer complexes of copper (II) acetate with pyridine and picolines II * solutionAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
10Apr-1975An optical potential for heavy ion interactionsGiacaman, Henry
11Feb-1989Coulomb instability of hot nucleiGiacaman, Henry
121999Boundary shear stress in rectangular compound channelsKhatib, Issam
131994Synthesis of Aroma Compound By Controlled AT-Mosphere (CA) Stored Apples Supplied With Aroma Precursors :Alcohols,Acids And EstersHarb, Jamil; Streif, Josef; Bangerth, F.
14Mar-1996A monetary alternative for the Palestinian economy : a Palestinian currencyZagha, Adel
15May-1998Deconfinement in the Quark Meson Coupling ModelGiacaman, Henry; Zakout, I.
161999Arab nationalism and the Palestinians , 1850 - 1939Ayyad, Abdel Aziz
17Jan-1987Effects of subject-matter knowledge in the teaching of biology and physicsHashweh, Maher
18May-1998Head-Discharge Relationship in Flumes of Compound SectionsKhatib, Issam
19Jul-1986Toward an explanation of conceptual changeHashweh, Maher
201992التعاون بين المكتبات : الواقع و الآفاق المستقبليةصايج، ديانا
21Feb-1985Fokker-Planck and linear transport solutions to collective flow in heavy ion collisionsGiacaman, Henry
2214-Apr-1997Towards sustainable North-South scientific collaborationYahya, Adnan; Salamin, Yousef
231992Services in the Palestinian economyHazboun, Samir
241999بين التصنيع و التطور الحضري و صحة البيئةمصلح، ريم
251978Miller & James on analysis & determinismGiacaman, George
26Nov-1984Microcomputers and Microelectronics Teaching on the West BankYahya, Adnan
271995جغرافية الوطن العربي للكبارمصطفى، إحسان; الحاج، موسى
28Nov-1993Preliminary vision of a Palestinian education systemNasru, Fathiyeh
291976Cultural policies of the Israeli occupation towards PalestiniansNasir, Hanna
3023-Apr-1990Some Problems of Computer Literacy in Developing NationsYahya, Adnan; Abdallah, Abdallah
31Feb-1992Intermittency in the multifragmentation of hot nuclei?Giacaman, Henry
32Oct-1986Studies on the reactions of ferric iron with ascorbic acid. A study of solution chemistry using Mossbauer spectroscopy and stopped-flow techniquesHamed, Mazen; Wilson, Michael; Silver, Jack; Keypour, Hassan
33Mar-1995Flow-measurement flumes of rectangular compound cross-sectionKhatib, Issam; Gogus, Mustafa
34Sep-1996Generalized query answering in disjunctive databases using minimal model generationYahya, Adnan
351995الحركات الإسلامية و الديمقراطيةالبرغوثي، عبد الكريم
36Jan-1984ChemInform abstract: studies on the reaction of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiols. Part III: a study of the iron catalyzed oxidation of glutathione by molecularHamed, Mazen; Silver, Jack; Wilson, Michael
371985Excited states of^{4} HeLiu, H.; Zamick, Larry; Giacaman, Henry
38Dec-1983Studies of the reactions of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiolsHamed, Mazen; Silver, Jack; Wilson, Michael T.
391992Statistical fragmentation of Au projectiles at E/A = 600 MeVGiacaman, Henry; Hubele, J.; Kreutz, P.; Adloff, J.C.; Begemann-Blaich, M.
40Aug-1996A goal-driven approach to efficient query processing in disjunctive databasesYahya, Adnan
411986The Role of Computer Technology in Distance Learning (in Arabic)Yahya, Adnan
421975خلجات فلسطيني : مجموعة مقالاتفاشة، منير جميل
43Mar-1999Foreign aid and development in Palestine, phase report IIIZagha, Adel
4413-Sep-1993The hypoglycemic effect of copper(ll) complexesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
451998Swelling properties of polymers with or without surfactantsShtaya, Hani Naseef
461978مشكلة الإسكان في الضفة الغربيةصبري، نضال رشيد
471999Arctica islandica in Kiel Bay : body parameters, shell length-meat weight relationship and seasonality in flesh weight and condition indexSwaileh, Khalid
481904تاريخ بيرزيتناصر، موسى
491989الدكتور محمد سعدي الفقيه : رئيس مجلس أمناء جامعة بيرزيت : كتاباته و آراء بعض أصدقائه فيه
501983Inflation or the inflationary Israel its impact on the economy of the occupied territoriesKazi, Omar
Results 1-50 of 197 (Search time: 0.358 seconds).