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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998On weak injectivity of direct sums of modulesBrodskiil, G. M.; Saleh, Mohammad; Thuyet, Van Le
21996Some characterizations of semisimple ringsSaleh, Mohammad
31999Some applications of delta-sets to H-closed spacesSaleh, Mohammad
41998The number of homomorphisms from Zm1 * Zm2 * ... * Zmr into Zk1 * Zk2 * ... * ZksSaleh, Mohammad; Yousef, Hasan; Abu Hlail, Jawad
5Jan-1998Some Remarks on Closure and Strong ContinuitySaleh, Mohammad
6Jan-1998The number of ring homomorphisms from Zm1 *... * Zmr into Zk1 * ... * ZksSaleh, Mohammad; Yousef, Hasan
71992On weakly projective modulesJain, S. K.; Lopez-Permouth, S. R.; Saleh, Mohammad
81994Weakly projective and weakly injective modulesJain, S. K.; Lopez-Permouth, S. R.; Oshiro, K.; Saleh, Mohammad