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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-1999Optimum decision policy for management of pavement maintenance and rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
2May-2016Empirical Markovian-based models for rehabilitated pavement performance used in a lifecycle analysis approachAbaza, Khaled
3Sep-2015Simplified staged-homogenous Markov model for flexible pavement performance predictionAbaza, Khaled
4Jan-2006Pavement Friction in a Program to Reduce Wet Weather Traffic Accidents at the Network LevelAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
53-Oct-2018Empirical-Markovian model for predicting the overlay design thickness for asphalt concrete pavementAbaza, Khaled
6Dec-2009Predicting Remaining Strength of Flexible Pavement and Overlay Design Thickness with Stochastic ModelingAbaza, Khaled
7Jan-2003Guidelines for a Pavement Management System and Rehabilitation Plan for Village Access Roads in the West Bank, PalestineAbaza, Khaled
8Dec-2010Pavement rehabilitation project ranking approach using probabilistic long-term performance indicatorsAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
9May-2014Back-calculation of transition probabilities for Markovian-based pavement performance prediction modelsAbaza, Khaled
108-Jan-2017Prediction of asphaltic overlay thickness for rehabilitating flexible pavement using Empirical-Markovian approachAbaza, Khaled
11Jun-2004Deterministic Performance Prediction Model for Rehabilitation and Management of Flexible PavementAbaza, Khaled
12Jan-2003Generalization of shear stress distribution in rectangular compound channelsKhatib, Issam; Abaza, Khaled
13Sep-2011Stochastic Approach for Design of Flexible PavementAbaza, Khaled
14Mar-2003An optimum design approach for flexible pavementsAbaza, Khaled; Abu Eisheh, Sameer
15Jun-2015Empirical approach for estimating the pavement transition probabilities used in nonhomogenous Markov chainsAbaza, Khaled
16Mar-2006Iterative Linear Approach for Nonlinear Nonhomogenous Stochastic Pavement Management ModelsAbaza, Khaled
17Jan-2007Dynamic Probabilistic Approach for Long-Term Pavement Restoration Program with Added User CostAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
18Jun-2011Investigating the accelerated deterioration of flexible pavement using two-stage design analysis approachAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
19Jan-2004Integrated Pavement Management System with a Markovian Prediction ModelAbaza, Khaled; Khatib, Issam; Ashur, Suleiman
20Nov-2002Optimum flexible pavement life-cycle analysis modelAbaza, Khaled
213-Apr-2018Optimal Empirical-Markovian approach for assessment of potential pavement rehabiliation strategies at the project levelAbaza, Khaled
222015An empirical discharge prediction model for smooth asymmetric compound rectangular channel validated using area methodKhatib, Issam; Abaza, Khaled; Khatib, Jumana I.
232005Performance-Based Models for Flexible Pavement Structural Overlay DesignAbaza, Khaled
242001Macroscopic optimum system for the management of pavement rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman; Abu Eisheh, Sameer; Rabayah, Amer
252009Predicting Flexible Pavement Remaining Strength and Overlay Design Thickness with Stochastic ModelingAbaza, Khaled; Murad, Maher
26Jun-2007Expected Performance of Pavement Repair Works in a Global Network Optimization ModelAbaza, Khaled
272013Development of empirical regression-based models for predicting mean velocities in asymmetric compound channels.Khatib, Issam; Abu Hassan, Hassan; Abaza, Khaled
2830-Aug-2019Simplified novel approach for estimating HMA overlay thickness schedule using long-term performance indicatorsAbaza, Khaled ; Murad, Maher 
2919-Jan-2019Simplified empirical approach for estimating the remaining strength factor used in pavement rehabilitation applicationsAbaza, Khaled 
302009An Optimum Microscopic Pavement Management Model Using Constrained Integer Linear ProgrammingAbaza, Khaled ; Ashur, Suleiman 
317-Nov-2019A closer look at the locked-wheel pavement friction data in the LTPP database for selected statesMurad, Maher ; Abaza, Khaled 
Results 1-31 of 31 (Search time: 0.752 seconds).


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