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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002Life and Health during the Israeli Invasion of the West Bank: the town of TulkaremGiacaman, Rita
22002Life and health during the Israeli invasion of the West Bank : the town of JeninGiacaman, Rita; Husseini, Abdullatif
32001A community of citizens: disability rehabilitation in the Palestinian transition to statehoodGiacaman, Rita
42010No Palestinian is safe : population dynamics and the wellbeing of men, women, and children through objective measures and subjective indicators.Giacaman, Rita
51991Geriatrics in perspective : a review of geriatric services in the West Bank and Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
630-Aug-2016Well-being and associated factors among adults in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)Harsha, Nouh; Ziq, Loai; Ghandour, Rula; Giacaman, Rita
72005Establishing a mental health system in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesGiacaman, Rita
82009Making a difference: an interview with Rita Giacaman. Working for health in the occupied palestinian territory. Interviewed by Jane WestbergGiacaman, Rita
92007Response to commentaryGiacaman, Rita
101995Primary health care training : an assessment of needs in the West Bank and Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
111988Life and health in three Palestinian villagesGiacaman, Rita
122010Violence and adolescent mental health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: a contextual approachRabaia, Yoke; Giacaman, Rita; Nguyen-Gillham, Viet
132002Life and Health during the Israeli Invasion of the West Bank : Ramallah and al-BirehGiacaman, Rita
141993Between the Physical and the Psychosocial: Women's Perceptions of Health in the Old City of Nablus.Giacaman, Rita
152002Women's Perceptions of Health and Illness in the Context of National Struggle in the Old City of Nablus, PalestineGiacaman, Rita
162010The remaining facts on the ground invited commentaryGiacaman, Rita
172002Life and Health during the Israeli Invasion of the West Bank: the town of NablusGiacaman, Rita
182016People in danger: effects on health of the 2014 Israeli offensive on the Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
192007Response to commentaryGiacaman, Rita; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen; Husseini, Abdullatif; Saab, Hana; Boyce, William
202002Environmental and public health crisis emerging in the northern West Bank villagesGiacaman, Rita
212010Palestinian domestic violence: unwarranted political conclusionsGiacaman, Rita
222004Psycho-social / mental health care in the Occupied Palestine Territory : the embryonic systemGiacaman, Rita
231996A Study of 19 Palestinian Communities in the Southern District of the West Bank with Special Reference to the Needs of Persons with Disabilities.Giacaman, Rita
242002Schooling at gunpoint: Palestinian children's learning environment in war-like conditions (The Ramallah / al-Bireh / Beitunia Urban Center)Giacaman, Rita
252004Palestinian Adolescents Coping with Trauma: Initial FindingsGiacaman, Rita
262006On street addresses and middle names: my struggle to upload a scientific paperGiacaman, Rita
272005Coping with conflictGiacaman, Rita
281993Disability and Rehabilitation Needs in the Gaza Strip: Bureij and Shati Survey Report. National Committee for RehabilitationGiacaman, Rita
292003Maintaining public health education in the West BankGiacaman, Rita
302003Health sector reform in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT): targeting the forest or the trees?Giacaman, Rita
312002Who Lives in Jenin Refugee Camp?Giacaman, Rita
322006Break the rod and spare the child : corporal punishment and adolescents in Palestinian schoolsGiacaman, Rita
331990“Building an Infrastructure of Resistance: the Case of Health”Giacaman, Rita
341989Health As a Social Construction: The Debate in the Occupied TerritoriesGiacaman, Rita
352016Cancer mortality in the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian TerritoryAbu-Rmeileh, Niveen; Gianicolo, Emilio Antonio Luca; Bruni, Antonella; Mitwali, Suzan; Portaluri, Maurizio; Bitar, Jawad; Hamad, Mutaem; Giacaman, Rita; Vigotti, Maria Angela
361983Health Conditions under OccupationGiacaman, Rita
371998Impact of Inappropriate Drug use in the Local ContextGiacaman, Rita
381988Disturbing distortions : health conditions on the West BankGiacaman, Rita
391997Population and fertility : population policies, women's rights and sustainable developmentGiacaman, Rita
402005Boycott could do good in Israel, as in South AfricaGiacaman, Rita
412002No one is in a healthy state in PalestineGiacaman, Rita
422005Academic boycottGiacaman, Rita
432004LifelineGiacaman, Rita
441988Palestinian women in the uprising : from followers to leadersGiacaman, Rita
451996A training needs assessment for women’s health in the West Bank and Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
461988Palestinian women`s movement in the Israeli-Occupied West Bank and Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
471984Women and development in occupied PalestineGiacaman, Rita
481989“Building Barricades and Breaking Barriers: Palestinian Women in the Uprising”Giacaman, Rita
492010Smoking and associated factors in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryHusseini, Abdullatif; Khatib, Rasha; Giacaman, Rita
501996Survival or development? Towards Integrated and Realistic Population Policies for PalestineGiacaman, Rita
Results 1-50 of 78 (Search time: 0.569 seconds).