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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Palestine Time Use Survey: Housework, Child Care and Community ServiceJohnson, Penny
2004Palestine, Protest, IntifadasJohnson, Penny
2015Palestine’s Day in Court? The Unexpected Effects of ICC ActionValentina, Azarova
1980Palestinian civil societyJohnson, Penny
2002Palestinian Female Headed HouseholdsJad, Islah
2003Palestinian Intifada in the context of globalization : a gender reviewKuttab, Eileen
2006The Palestinian Middle ClassHilal, Jamil
2006The Palestinian political system after Oslo : a critical assessmentHilal, Jamil
1996Palestinian school girls’ education : aspirations and realitiesAbu Nahleh, Lamis
2000The Palestinian student movement : a social and gender perspectiveKuttab, Eileen
1999The Palestinian women's movementJohnson, Penny
1988Palestinian women`s movement in the Israeli-Occupied West Bank and Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
1996The Palestinian women’s document : a tool for women’s empowerment and struggleKuttab, Eileen
2004Palestinian women’s movement : problems and dialectic issuesKuttab, Eileen
2006The paradox of women’s work : coping, crisis, and family survivalKuttab, Eileen
2004Perpetual emergency : the persistence of poverty and vulnerability among Palestinian camp populations in Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank and GazaJohnson, Penny
2002Preferences for male and female children in marriage : who should girls and boys marry and whyAbu Nahleh, Lamis
2003Promoting Gender in the Community-Based Rehabilitation Programmes (a discussion paper)Abu Nahleh, Lamis
2001Searching for strategies : the Palestinian women’s movement in the new eraJohnson, Penny
2003Summary of report on impact of political violence on Palestinian womenKuttab, Eileen