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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The impact of political violence on Palestinian womenKuttab, Eileen
2003In the Public Interest: Public Revenues, Social Allocations and Social Needs in PalestineJohnson, Penny
1995Investing in Half the Population: World Bank and Economic Policy in Gender and Public PolicyKuttab, Eileen
2004Islamic Law and the Transition to Palestinian Statehood: Constraints and Opportunities for Legal ReformJohnson, Penny
2005Islamist women of Hamas : a new women’s movement ?Jad, Islah
1995Israel`s economic strategy in the Middle EastHilal, Jamil
2006Living Together in A Nation in Fragments: Dynamics of Kin, Place and NationJohnson, Penny
2005Meeting the Housing Needs of Palestinian Women and MenKuttab, Eileen
2006Modernity aborted and reborn : ways of being urban in twentieth-century PalestineTaraki, Lisa
1998National Poverty ReportJohnson, Penny
2006New challenges for the Palestinian women’s movement in PalestineKuttab, Eileen
2004The ‘NGOisation’ of the Arab women’s movementJad, Islah
2002Palestine Time Use Survey: Housework, Child Care and Community ServiceJohnson, Penny
2004Palestine, Protest, IntifadasJohnson, Penny
2015Palestine’s Day in Court? The Unexpected Effects of ICC ActionValentina, Azarova
1980Palestinian civil societyJohnson, Penny
2002Palestinian Female Headed HouseholdsJad, Islah
2003Palestinian Intifada in the context of globalization : a gender reviewKuttab, Eileen
2006The Palestinian Middle ClassHilal, Jamil
2006The Palestinian political system after Oslo : a critical assessmentHilal, Jamil