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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Ramallah city industrial zone: industries description, perception and work conditionsMusleh, Reem
2006Rapid urban environmental assessment for Ramallah cityMusleh, Reem
2005Rational drug use & effective drug management: training and follow up in selected NGOs' clinics in Palestine (Report)Birzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2008Rational use of medications and prescribing patterns among mobile teams in the West Bank/OPTBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
1987Reflections on the Palestinian Women's Movement in the Israeli-Occupied TerritoriesBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2000Report on Parasuicide in Palestinian Society of the West BankDabbagh, Nadia
1994Restructuring the Palestinian Health Care System to Meet the Needs of the FutureGiacaman, Rita
2002Schooling at gunpoint: Palestinian children's learning environment in war-like conditions (The Ramallah / al-Bireh / Beitunia Urban Center)Giacaman, Rita
1985Seasonal Aspects of Faecal Coliform Concentrations in Nine Springs in the Ramallah AreaSmith, Chris
2010Smoking and associated factors in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryHusseini, Abdullatif; Khatib, Rasha; Giacaman, Rita
1997Social support : gender and social policy in PalestineJohnson, Penny
2003Solid Waste Management in Emergency: A Case Study from Ramallah and Al-Bireh MunicipalitiesKhatib, Issam
2002Solid Waste Policy Making in a System in TransitionMusleh, Reem
1985Statistical Report: Disease Diagnosis at Birzeit Women's Charitable Society Clinic During One YearSmith, Chris
1996A Study of 19 Palestinian Communities in the Southern District of the West Bank with Special Reference to the Needs of Persons with Disabilities.Giacaman, Rita
1995A study of 23 Palestinian villages in the central district of the West Bank with special reference to the needs of Persons with disabilitiesHarami, Ghada
1993Supply of Pharmaceuticals in the West Bank and Gaza StripBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
1996Survival or development? Towards Integrated and Realistic Population Policies for PalestineGiacaman, Rita
2002Thalassemia Patients' Situation during the Israeli Re-invasion of the West BankDaoud, Amal
2014They came at midnight...". A report on the impact of detention on the children of Palestinian political detainees in Israel prisonsCorey, Balsam