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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1929Nabonidus and Belshazzar : a study of the closing events of the Neo-Babylonian EmpireDougherty, Raymond Philip, 1877-1933
2013A narration without an end: Palestine and the continuing NakbaAli, Zarefa Akram
1821Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations, in Egypt and NubiaBelzoni, Giovanni Battista,1778-1823 ; Belzoni, Mrs. (Sarah), 1783-1870 
1849Narrative of the United States expedition to the River of Jordan and the Dead SeaLynch, W. F.
15-Aug-2016National adaptation plan to climate changes (NAP)Smithers, Richard; Harrison, Mike; Mimi, Ziad; Hardan, Khaled; Abdelall, Sadiq; Hasan, Afif
Sep-2009National symposium on Quality English Teaching : Encountering Challenges, Birzeit University, August 30-31 2008
1915Nationalism and war in the Near EastYoung, George, 1872-1952 
1898The natural history of the Bible : being a review of the physical geography, geology, and meteorology of the Holy Land, with a description of every animal and plant mentioned in Holy ScriptureTristram, H. B. (Henry Baker), 1822-1906
2000Needs and priorities : a community study of the Gaza middle areasKassis, Mudar; Said, Nader
1929The new archeological discoveries and their bearing upon the New Testament and upon the life and times of the primitive churchCobern, Camden McCormack, 1855-1920
1907A new boundary stone of Nebuchadrezzar I. from NippurHinke, William Jone, 1871-1947 
1906New Egypt : with one hundred and eighty-three illustrationsGuerville, A. B. de (Amedee Baillot de), 1869- 
1931New light from Armageddon : second provisional report (1927-29) on the excavations at Megiddo in PalestineGuy, P. L. O. (Philip Langstaffe Ord), 1885-; Staples, William Ewart
2003The new Palestine , the new Europe- selected papers from the February 2001 International Academic ConferenceNakhleh, Khalil ; Johnson, Penny ; Schmitter, Philippe C. ; Kanaana, Sharif ; Smith, Chris ; Harari, Jean 
1937Newsgirl in PalestineBoard, Barbara
1910Nin-lb, the determiner of fates ; according to the great Sumerian epic Lugal-e ug me-lam-bi Ner-gal from the temple library of Nippur Lugal-e ug me-lam-bi Ner-galRadau, Hugo, 1873- 
1917Ninety-six hours' leaveMcKenna, Stephen 1888-1967
1917Ninety-six hours' leaveMcKenna, Stephen, 1888-1967
1849Nineveh and its remains : with an account of a visit to the Chaldaean Christians of Kurdistan, and the Yezidis, or devil-worshippers, and an inquiry into the manners and arts of the ancient AssyriansLayard, Austen Henry, 1817-1894
1898Nippur , or explorations and adventures on the Euphrates : the narrative of the University of Pennsylvania expedition to Babylonia in the years 1888 - 1890Peters, John Punnett