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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1943War legislation in force on the 15th day of April - 1943 Vol. 3Kantrovitch, H. 
1915The wars of the JewsJosephus, Flavius
2013Water in PalestineBarakat, Rana
1912Wayfarers in the Libyan DesertAlexander, Frances Gordon
1946Western Arabia and the Red Sea
1938Wharton's law lexicon : forming an epitome of the laws of England understatute and case lawWharton, J. J. S. (John Jane Smith), 1816 or 1817-1867 ; Oppe, Albert Sanvil 
1930The white paper on Palestine : a criticismJoseph, Bernard 
2012Who shared the fruits of growth in the Palestinian economy, 2006-2010?Larudee, Mehrene 
1900Wild flowers from PalestineGreene, Harvey B. (Harvey Bartlett), 1864-1949
1932Williams' Law and practice in bankruptcyWilliams, Roland L. Vaughan (Roland Lomax Vaughan), 1838-1916 ; Stable, Wintringham Norton ; Blagden, John Basil, 1901- 
1838A winter's journey (TATAR) from Constantinople to Tehran ; with travels through various parts of PersiaFraser, James Baillie
1914With the Russian pilgrims to JerusalemGraham, Stephen, 1884-1975
1880Woman's work and worth in girlhood , Maidenhood , and wifehoodAdams, W. H. Davenport (William Henry Davenport), 1828-1891 
1998Women & work in Palestine : a briefing on the situation of women in the employment sector in preparation for the international labor organization mission "more and better jobs for women"Vitullo, Anita
1873The women of the ArabsJessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910
1873The women of the ArabsJessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910
2002Women's Perceptions of Health and Illness in the Context of National Struggle in the Old City of Nablus, PalestineGiacaman, Rita
1865The works of Flavius JosephusWhiston, William
2010Workshop : frontiers in molecular biology and biomedicine, March 20th and 21st, 2010Kuttab, Simon ; Abdulkhaliq, Ahed ; Swaileh, Khaled ; Harb, Jamil ; Stiban, Johnny 
1909The world as will and ideaSchopenhauer, Arthur ,1788-1860