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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1847Travels in the Holy Land, EgyptWilson, William Rae, 1772-1849
1816Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco , Tripoli , Cyprus , Egypt , Arabia , Syria , and Turkey , between the years 1803 - 1807Ali Bey, 1766-1818 
1931Treasury of English verse new and oldCollins, Arthur Simons, 1899-
1912A treatise on governmentAristotle
1935A treatise on the law of partnershipLindley, Nathaniel Lindley, Baron, 1828-1921 
1923Treaty of peace with Turkey, and other instruments signed at Lausanne on July 24, 1923 together with agreements between Greece and Turkey, signed on January 30, 1923, and subsidiary documents forming part of the Turkish peace settlementAllied and Associated Powers (1914-1920). Treaties, etc. 
1943Tunis and the great powers, 1878-1881Ṣafwat, Muḥammad Muṣṭafa 
1946Twentieth century political thoughtRoucek, Joseph S. (Joseph Slabey), 1902-1984 
1886Twenty-one years’ work in the Holy Land : a record and a summary June 22, 1865 - June 22, 1886Besant, Walter, 1836-1901
1895Under crescent and starHaggard, Andrew, 1854-1923
1911Underground Jerusalem : discoveries on the hill of Ophel (1909-11)Vincent, Louis-Hugues, 1872-1960
1896Underground Russia : revolutionary profiles and sketches from lifeLavroff, Peter
1912Une relation de la huitieme campagne de Sargon (714 av. J.-C.) texte assyrien inedit, publie et traduit par Francois Thureau-DanginSargon, King of Assyria, -B.C. 705
1947United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, 1947 : summary of recommendationsPalestine 
1990An unsettling affairs : housing conditions , tenancy regulations and the coming of the Messiah in the Old City of JerusalemMcNeill, Graham
1910Unto this last : four essays on the first principles of political economyRuskin, John, 1819-1900 
12-Oct-1997Updates in disjunctive deductive databases : a minimal model based approachYahya, Adnan
1851Visits to the monasteries of the LevantCurzon, Robert ,1810-1873
1914Vitruvius : the ten books on architectureMorgan, M. H. (Morris Hicky), 1859-1910 (tr.); Warren, Herbert Langford, 1857-1917
1948Voluntary action, a report on methods of social advanceBeveridge, William Henry Beveridge, Baron, 1879-1963