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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1940Since yesterday : the nineteen-thirties in America, Sept. 3, 1929 - Sept. 3, 1939Allen, Frederick Lewis, 1890-1954 
1939A sixth century monastery at Beth-Shan : ScythopolisFitzgerald, G. M. (Gerald Mines), 1883-
1913The social contractRousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 ; Cole, G. D. H. (George Douglas Howard), 1889-1959 ; Brumfitt, J. H. ; Hall, John C. (John Cecil) ; Jimack, Peter 
1915The social legislation of the primitive SemitesSchaeffer, Henry, 1881-
1949The social servicesWickwar, W. Hardy (William Hardy), 1903-1999 ; Wickwar, K. Margaret (Kathleen Margaret), 1905- 
1869Some aspects of the reformationCazenove, John Gibson, 1821-1896
1936Some problems of the Palestine mandateFeinberg, Nathan, 1895-1988 
1900Southern ArabiaBent, J. Theodore ( James Theodore ) ,1852-1897; Bent, Mabel Virginia Anna
1940The spirit of medieval philosophyGilson, Etienne, 1884-1978 
1900The spirit of the lawsMontesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de, 1689-1755 ; Nugent, Thomas, 1700?-1772 ; Prichard, J. V. ; Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr., 1841-1935. 
1905The spoken Arabic of Egypt : grammar, exercises, vocabulariesWillmore, J. Selden (John Selden), 1856-1931
1945Statistical handbook of Middle Eastern countries : Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, the Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, TurkeyJewish Agency for Palestine. Economic Research Institute
Feb-2090The stone age of Mount CarmelGarrod, D. A. E. (Dorothy Anne Elizabeth), 1892-1968; Bate, Dorothea M. A. (Dorothea Minola Alice), 1878-1951; McCown, Theodore Doney, 1908-1969; Keith, Arthur, Sir, 1866-1955
1932The stories of Anton TchekovChekhov, Anton Pavlovich ,1860-1904
1874The story of a houseViollet-le-Duc, Eugène-Emmanuel, 1814-1879
1912The strangling of Persia : a record of European diplomacy and oriental intrigueShuster, W. Morgan (William Morgan), 1877-1960 
2014Strengthening linkages between science and policy making: summaries from selected MSc theses in water and environmental engineering and sciencesAbu Madi, Maher
1941The struggle for judicial supremacy : a study of a crisis in American power politicsJackson, Robert H., 1892-1954 
1924A Sumerian reading - bookGadd, C. J. (Cyril John), 1893-1969
1947Supplementary memorandum by the Government of Palestine , including notes on evidence given to the United Nations' Special Committee on Palestine up to the 12th July , 1947Palestine ; United Nations. General Assembly. Special Committee on Palestine