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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1942Digest of awards given by arbitration boards set up under the Defence (Trade Disputes) Order , 1942Palestine. Department of labour 
1904A digest of the criminal law : crimes and punishmentsStephen, James Fitzjames, Sir, 1829-1894 
1925A digest of the law of evidenceStephen, James Fitzjames, 1829-1894; Stephen, Herbert, 1857-1932; Stephen, Harry Lushington, 1860-1945
1925A digest of the law of evidenceStephen, James Fitzjames, 1829-1894 
1937A digest of the law of partnership : with forms, and an appendix on the Limited partnerships act, 1907, together with the Rules and forms, 1907, 1909Pollock, Frederick, Sir, 1845-1937 
1937A digest of the law of partnership with forms, and an appendix on the limited partnerships act, 1907 , together with the rules and forms, 1907, 1909Pollock, Frederick, 1845-1937 
2014Disability and change in the society : a study on the experience of a group of people with disabilities in the West Bank and Gaza in advocating disability issues through the empowerment of people with disabilities to claim their rights and entitlements projectSayrafi, Imad
1944The divine comedy of Dante Alighieri : the Carlyle-Okey-Wicksteed translationDante Alighieri, 1265-1321 ; Carlyle, John Aitken, 1801-1879 ; Okey, Thomas, 1852-1935 ; Wicksteed, Philip H. (Philip Henry), 1844-1927 
1992A documentation of the experience of self-organization among physically disabled PalestiniansSalem, Mouna Odeh
1887Early adventures in Persia, Susiana, and BabyloniaLayard, Austen Henry, 1817-1894
1905Early Babylonian personal names from the published tablets of the so-called Hammurabi dynasty, B.C. 2000Ranke, Hermann, 1878-1953
1902The early history of Syria and PalestinePaton, Lewis Bayles ,1864-1932
1938Early ivories from SamariaCrowfoot, J. W. (John Winter), 1873-1959; Crowfoot, Grace M.
1929East and West of JordanGilmore, Albert Field, 1868-1943
1881East of the Jordan : a record of travel and observation in the countries of Moab, Gilead and BashanMerrill, Selah, 1837-1909
1886Echoes of Bible historyWalsh, W. Pakenham (William Pakenham), 1820-1902
1998Economic growth and development under conditions of stress : the agriculture economy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israeli occupationAli, Nasser
1977Education in the West Bank government schools : 1968/1969-1976/1977Nasru, Fathiya Said
1901The egoist, a comedy in narrativeMeredith, George,1828-1909; Brownell, W. C. (William Crary), 1851-1928
1909EgyptLoti, Pierre, 1850-1923