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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121949 : الخروج الفلسطيني من عراق المنشيةأبو هشهش، أروى موسى
2016The abundances of light and medium size clusters in low density nuclear matterAwad, Waad Ali Ikdeer
2013Actor node positioning in wireless sensor networksShaikh, Nemer
2016The adomian decomposition method for solving partial differential equationsAl Awawdah, Eman
2012Advanced matching function towards linking Arabic ontology with the English WordNetMelhem, Mohammed M.
2006Alleviating the negative impact of brackish water and reclaimed wastewater on vicia faba plants through treatment with Jasmonic AcidMansour, Nisreen Tayseer
2005American foreign policy towards Palestine from Nixon to ClintonArafat, Ghada Mousa
21-Jun-1999Ammonia volatilization in duckweed-based and algae-based stabilization containersYaqoub, Iyad
2009Application of mathematics and game theory to industrial organizationMousa, Abdelrahim
2015Application of nano iron in the remediation of Cr-contaminated soil and its effect on plant growth and soil bacteriaZedany, Shireen Tariq
2013Applying a competency-based human resource management system to administrative staff at Birzeit UniversityNakhleh, Ali O.
2005Applying e-business in fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) wholesale enterprises in PalestineHjouj, Khaled
2005Applying Enterprise Resource Planning at the Palestinian Large-Scale Private OrganizationsAl-Far, Muniece Zurub
2006Assessing Awareness and Level of Understanding of TQM Success Factors: Bechmarking Critical Factors for TQM in JawwalBarrouk, Maher
2010Assessing the impact of potential climate change on rainfed agriculture in Jenin districtHamarsheh, Baha Mohammad
2010Assessment of a roughing filter as a pre-treatment system for slow sand filter at Aqbat Jaber refugee campYassin, Mohammad E.
2007Assessment of Corporate Governance Practices In the Palestinian Banking Sector in the Light of Basel II RegulationsAl Shobaki, Lubna Ahmad
2013Assessment of current municipal solid waste management in Jenin districtAl-Batnij, May O.
2008Assessment of drinking water quality of cisterns in Hebron cityAl-Salaymeh, Adel Abdel-Halim
2015The assessment of innovation : a study on the Palestinian media sectorBalatiyah, Hiba