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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199225 عاما على حزيران 1967 : أضواء على الواقع العربي و الفلسطيني بعد ربع قرن من الهزيمةالبرغوثي، إياد
Feb-2009Advancing environmental education and training for sustainable management of environmental resources in PalestineAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Abu-Madi, Maher; Heun, Jetze
2005An approach towards the development of national geographic information strategy in PalestineHerzallah, Abdullah
1999Arab nationalism and the Palestinians , 1850 - 1939Ayyad, Abdel Aziz
1999Complete musical worksNasser, Amin
1976Contemporary Palestinian literature under occupationAshrawi, Hanan Mikhail
1996Employment generation schemes in the West Bank and Gaza StripAl-Botmeh, Samia; Sayre, Edward
2010Impact of Israeli military order no.1650 of 2009 on Palestinians’ rights to legally reside in their own countryKhalil, Asem
2008The international law foundations of Palestinian Nationality : a legal examination of Nationality in Palestine under Britain`s ruleQafisheh, Mutaz
1986Israel and the American national interest : a critical examinationRubenberg, Cheryl
1999Jerusalem's architectural treasuresAl Jubeh, Nazmi; Alnatsheh, Yousef
1997Jordanian - Palestinian relations : where to ? : four scenarios for the futureHamarneh, Mustafa; Hollis, Rosemary; Shikaki, Khalil
1982La communication politiqueHuet, Sophie; Langenieux-Villard, Philippe
Jul-2010La metamorphose des institutions de waqfs de saladina Jerusalem dans la periode ottomaneSroor, Musa
2006Law, violence and sovereignty amomg west bank palestiniansKelly, Tobias
1997Legislation pertaining to planning and construction in Palestine : presentation , classification and analysisHalabee, Osama; Abu Dohaim, Mosa
Jan-2009Les juges et la privatisation des biens waqfsa Jerusalem au XIXeme siecleSroor, Musa
1998On the eve of the new millennium : Christian voices from the Holy LandSabila, Bernard; Aghazarian, Albert; Safieh, Afif
2002Palestinian refugees and the Universal declaration of human rightsFarah, Randa; Boling, Gail
2001Palestinian women : patriarchy and resistance in the West BankRubenberg, Cheryl