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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2017General perspective of income inequality in PalestineAtari, Sana’ Sous; Safoty, Osama Ali
Jun-2007General Purpose E-commerce SystemYahya, Adnan; Shamieh, Musa; Yahya, Mohamed
Jan-2003Generalization of shear stress distribution in rectangular compound channelsKhatib, Issam; Abaza, Khaled
Sep-1996Generalized Query Answering in Disjunctive Databases Using Minimal Model GenerationYahya, Adnan
1999Generic active damping and pointing interface based on a Stewart platformAbu Hanieh, Ahmed
2015Genetic and acquired risk factors of thrombophilia among Palestinian women with recurrent pregnancy lossBatmani, Laura
2012Genotypic variation in the Brucella melitensis hemagglutinin gene in vaccine strains and field isolates in PalestineEssawi, Tamer; Farraj, Mohammad; Adwan, Kamel; Awwad, Elena
2015Geographical distribution of public secondary schools and factors affecting success rates in Rammallah and Al-Bireh Governorate using GISAbu Hammad, Ahmad; Musa, Rami Nabil; Khawaldah, Hamzah; Alzboun, Nidal
1941Geographie du Liban et de la SyrieEdde, Jacques
1-Dec-2017Geometric approaches and bifurcations in the dichotomous decision modelMousa, Abdelrahim; Pinto, Alberto A.
2014Geometry effect and generalization of velocity distribution in asymmetric compound channels.Khatib, Issam; Gogus, Mustafa
1997Geometry effect on velocity distribution in rectangular compound channelsKhatib, Issam
Jan-2000Geopolitical Transformation By Using GIS Jenin Destrict ,PalestineThawaba, Salem; Ja'far, Qabaha
2013'Geopolitics of Knowledge': Constructing an Indigenous Sociology from the SouthKhoury, Laura
1991Geriatrics in perspective : a review of geriatric services in the West Bank and Gaza StripGiacaman, Rita
2006Germ line transcription in mice bearing neo gene downstream of I gama 3 exon in the IG heavy chain locosEssawi, Tamer; Khamlichi, Ahmed
1857Geschichte Assur's und Babel's seit Phul : aus der Concordanz des Alten Testaments, des Berossos, des Kanons der Konige und der griechischen Schriftsteller : nebst Versuchen uber die vorgeschichtliche ZeitNiebuhr, Marcus von, 1817-1860
2002The ghettoization of Arab JerusalemAl Jubeh, Nazmi
1868The giant cities of Bashan and Syria's holy placesPorter, F. L.