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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The Equivalence of Totally Fuzzy and Relative Approaches of Poverty Index Definitions : A Comparative Analysis of Palestinian DataAl-Saleh, Jawad
2005Establishing a mental health system in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesGiacaman, Rita
2015Establishing norms with metanorms in distributed computational systemsTaweel, Adel
2007Estemation of run off for agricultural watershed using SCS curve number and GISAl-Jabari, Samah J.
2011Estimates on the number of limit cycles of a generalized Abel equationAlkoumi, Naeem; Torres, Pedro J.
2010Estimating groundwater recharge using the chloride mass-balance method in the West Bank, PalestineMarei, Amer; Khayat, Saed; Weise, Stefan; Ghannam, Subha; Sbaih, Mohammad; Geyer, Stefan
2008Ethical behavior at Palestinian large-scale enterprisesAl-Sharif, Wijdan
2010Ethnic Conflict and State Intervention: Colonialism in MotionShihade, Majid
2010Ethylene suppression modifies gene expression and activity of aroma volatile-related enzymes in 'Delbard Estivale' applesHarb, Jamil; Lara, Isabel; Saleh, Omar; Khraiwesh, Basel; Streif, Josef
1879An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language. To which is prefixed , a dissertation on the origin of the Scottish languageJamieson, John, 1759-1838
2007European Sixth Framework Network of Excellence FP6-2004-IST-026854-NoE Deliverable D2.3 Virtual Laboratory Integration Report
1926Eusebius : the ecclesiastical historyEusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, approximately 260-approximately 340
2015Evaluating off-the-shelf software components : a repository selection case studyTaweel, Adel; Brereton, Pearl
2017Evaluating sustainable housing locations : comparing the use of network to euclidean proximity in the scoring processArafat, Abdul Naser; Abed Al Musa, Mustafa
2008Evaluating wastewater-induced plant genotoxicity using randomly amplified polymorphic DNASwaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Ezzughayyar, Ademar
8-Oct-2018Evaluation of Accuracy of Episiotomy Incision in a Governmental Maternity Unit in Palestine: An Observational StudyAli-Masri, Hadil; Hassan, Sahar; Zimmo, Khaled; Zimmo, Mohammed; Khaled M. K. Ismail, Erik; Ismail, Khaled M. K.; Alsalman, Hasan; Vikanes, Ase; Laine, Katariina
29-Apr-2019Evaluation of advanced chemical oxidation process for the pretreatment of mixed agro-food industrial Wastewaters in Nablus, PalestineYounis, Saja ; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed 
27-Feb-2017Evaluation of an animated instructional video as a training tool for manual perineum support during vaginal deliveryAli, Hadeel Y.; Vikanes, Ase; Anti, Marit; Hassan, Sahar; Ismail, Khaled M.; Zimmo, Khaled; Zimmo, Mohammed; Fosse, Erik; Laine, Katariina
29-Apr-2019Evaluation of biosolids stabilization degree on four different wastewater treatment plants destined for agricultural utilization in PalestineHijawi, Maisa; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2016Evaluation of central civil services bureaus in developing the administrative systemSalameh, Ismail ; Iriqat, Ismail S. ; Ismail, Mamdouh Mustafa