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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017The effect of remittances and foreign direct investment on economic growth in JordanLaurance, Theodory
2013Effect of the downstream transition region of a flow measurement flume of rectangular compound cross section on flow properties.Gogus, Mustafa; Khatib, Issam; Atalay, A. E.
1989The Effect of the Uprising on Readiness for Interethnic ContactMiari, Mahmoud
2012The effect of using concept maps in teaching writing on eleventh grade female students' achievement and perceptions of writing using this strategyAbu Al-Hommos, Ghada
2018The effect of using the summary strategy on improving Birzeit University EFL students’ reading comprehensionAbed, Tagreed Bajes Butros
Jun-2012The Effect of Utilizing Storytelling Strategy in Teaching Mathematics on Grade Four Students’ Achievement and Motivation towards Learning MathematicsAlbool, Rajaa
2015Effect of wastewater quality on the performance of a CW-SAT hybrid system in an arid regionShahadeh, Mahran A.
2012Effect of wastewater quality on the performance of constructed wetland in an arid regionAbed, Shereen Nasser
2011Effective Exchange Rate Indices for PalestineDombrecht, Michel; Khalil, Saed
2012Effectiveness and enhancement of stakeholders' participation in environmental projectsTibi, Shahd Osama
5-Jan-2020The effectiveness if using virtual experiments on students’ learning in the general physics labHamed, Ghadeer ; Aljanazrah, Ahmad 
Dec-2018The effectiveness of applying transformational leadership within the roles of administrative leadersIriqat, Ismail S. 
2016Effectiveness of automatic translations for crossl lingual ontology mappingAbu Helou, Mamoun; Palmonari, Matteo; Jarrar, Mustafa
11-Jan-2021Effectiveness of Constructed Wetlands for Post-treatment of Mixed Wastewaters from Poultry Slaughterhouse and Olive MillHiba Faqeeh, Rashed Al-Sa`ed 
2007The effectiveness of the environmental impact assessment system in PalestineAbu Al-Quran, Ahmed H.
2015The effectiveness of using context clues in teaching English vocabulary to English as a foreign language learnersDar Al Sheikh-Qasrawi, Rania
2000Effects of dietary Cd and Cu on feeding and growth rates of the landsnail Helix engaddensis.Swaileh, Khalid; Ezzughayyar, Ademar
2000Effects of Environmental Parameters on Nitrification and Denitrification in Duckweed Based and Algae Based Stabilization ContainersYahyia, Salim
2016The effects of government budget deficit on current account : new evidence from selected countries of the MENA region, 1994-2013Khalayla, Suzan Ali
Jun-2016The effects of government budget deficit on current account : new evidence from selected countries of the MENA Region,1994–2013Khalayla, Suzan Ali