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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Establishing norms with metanorms in distributed computational systemsTaweel, Adel
2007Estemation of run off for agricultural watershed using SCS curve number and GISAl-Jabari, Samah J.
2011Estimates on the number of limit cycles of a generalized Abel equationAlkoumi, Naeem; Torres, Pedro J.
2010Estimating groundwater recharge using the chloride mass-balance method in the West Bank, PalestineMarei, Amer; Khayat, Saed; Weise, Stefan; Ghannam, Subha; Sbaih, Mohammad; Geyer, Stefan
2008Ethical behavior at Palestinian large-scale enterprisesAl-Sharif, Wijdan
2010Ethnic Conflict and State Intervention: Colonialism in MotionShihade, Majid
2010Ethylene suppression modifies gene expression and activity of aroma volatile-related enzymes in 'Delbard Estivale' applesHarb, Jamil; Lara, Isabel; Saleh, Omar; Khraiwesh, Basel; Streif, Josef
1879An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language. To which is prefixed , a dissertation on the origin of the Scottish languageJamieson, John, 1759-1838
2007European Sixth Framework Network of Excellence FP6-2004-IST-026854-NoE Deliverable D2.3 Virtual Laboratory Integration ReportTumar, Iyad; Schonwalder, Jurgen; Tran, Ha Manh
1926Eusebius : the ecclesiastical historyEusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, approximately 260-approximately 340; Lake, Kirsopp, 1872-1946
2015Evaluating off-the-shelf software components : a repository selection case studyTaweel, Adel; Brereton, Pearl
2017Evaluating sustainable housing locations : comparing the use of network to euclidean proximity in the scoring processArafat, Abdul Naser; Abed Al Musa, Mustafa
2008Evaluating wastewater-induced plant genotoxicity using randomly amplified polymorphic DNASwaileh, Khalid; Hussein, Ratib Muhammad; Ezzughayyar, Ademar
27-Feb-2017Evaluation of an animated instructional video as a training tool for manual perineum support during vaginal deliveryAli, Hadeel Y.; Vikanes, Ase; Anti, Marit; Hassan, Sahar; Ismail, Khaled M.; Zimmo, Khaled; Zimmo, Mohammed; Fosse, Erik; Laine, Katariina
2011Evaluation of coupled partial models in structural engineering using graph theory and sensitivity analysisKeitel, Holger; Karaki, Ghada; Lahmer, Tom; Nikulla, Susanne; Zabel, Volkmar
2006Evaluation of dental waste management in two cities in PalestineDarwish, R. O.; Khatib, Issam
2011Evaluation of Global Hierarchical Object Graphs for Coding Activities: a Controlled Experiment1Ammar, Nariman; Abi-Antoun, Marwan
21-Dec-2016Evaluation of heavy metals removal in different municipal sewage works for wastewater treatment and effluent reuseAqhash, Tareq; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2009Evaluation of IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks ImplementationsTumar, Iyad; Dominik Korte, Kevin; Schonwalder, Jurgen
2017Evaluation of operational stress conditions on a pilot scale MBR for wastewater treatment and reuseAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Nazzal, Mazen