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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2013Depletion of the Ubiquitin-binding Adaptor Molecule SQSTM1/p62 from Macrophages Harboring cftr ΔF508 Mutation Improves the Delivery of Burkholderia cenocepacia to the Autophagic MachineryAbu Khweek, Arwa
1931Der Tell Halaf : eine neue kultur im altesten MesopotamienOppenheim, Max, Freiherr von, 1860-1946
1938Desert and deltaJarvis, C. S. (Claude Scuudamore), 1879-1953 
1872The desert of the Exodus : journeys on foot in the wilderness of the forty years wanderingsPalmer, Edward Henry, 1840-1882
1872The desert of the Exodus : journeys on foot in the wilderness of the forty years wanderingsPalmer, Edward Henry,1840-1882
2014Design and implementation of an ontology for the computable representation of clinical prediction rulesTaweel, Adel; Corrigan, Derek; Fahey, Tom; Arvanitis, Theodoros
28-Nov-2019Design and model of series-connected high-voltage DC multipliersQuraan, Mahran ; Zahran, Ahmad ; Herzallah, Ahmed ; Ahmad, Ahmad 
Jun-2018Design and Modelling of a 6kW Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System – AC StageMotan, Noureddin; Abu-Khaizaran, Muhammad; Saed, Jaser
2016Design and Optimization of Printed Circular Spiral Inductors in Wireless Power Transfer SystemsBarghouthi, Atheer
2013Design of an optical water pollution sensor using a single-layer guided-mode resonance filterSader, Edward; Sayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah
16-Apr-2020Design, prototype, and control design based on computed torque control of selective compliance assembly robot armAlbalasie, Ahmad ; Hussain, Irfan ; Horoub, Mamon ; Khan, Sikandar ; Ali, Sajid ; Gan, Dongming 
2017Designing a multi-perspective framework for performance measurement in Palestinian banksMasri, Asem
2014Detailed clinical modelling approach to data extraction from heterogeneous data sources for clinical researchTaweel, Adel
2014Detecting protein atom correlations using correlation of probability of recurrenceFatafta, Hebah; Karain, Wael
2011Detection of cellular kinases involved in HCMV assemblyQawasmi, Mohammed
2016Detection of microdeletions in the AZF region of the Y-chromosome in azospermic Palestinian malesShaden, Taha
2010Detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Palestinian womenFarraj, Mohammad; Abu Sada, Gabi; Essawi, Tamer
Dec-2011Detection of trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal swab clinical samples from Palestinian women by cultureHouso, Yasmeen Ahmad; Farraj, Mohammad; Ramlawi, As’ad M.; Essawi, Tamer
2008Determianats of birth weight in Palestine: a comparative analysis of males and femalesHalileh, Samia ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen ; Watt, Graham ; Spencer, Nick ; Gordon, Nahida 
2006Determinants of anemia in pre-school children in the occupied Palestinian territoryHalileh, Samia