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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Empirical Evaluation of Diagrams of the Run-time Structure for Coding TasksAmmar, Nariman; Abi-Antoun, Marwan
May-2016Empirical Markovian-based models for rehabilitated pavement performance used in a lifecycle analysis approachAbaza, Khaled
13-Jun-2017Empirical-Markovian model for predicting the overlay design thickness for asphalt concrete pavementAbaza, Khaled
1996Employment generation schemes in the West Bank and Gaza StripAl-Botmeh, Samia; Sayre, Edward
1938En PalestineClavier, Henri
2009Enabling inter-domain routing in virtual coordinate based ad hoc and sensor networksAwad, Abdalkarim; Dressler, Falko
22-Jun-2016Enacting cybercrime legislation in an endeavour to counter cybercrime in PalestineAbdelbaqi, Mustafa
2006The Enactment of Constituent Power in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
2006The Enactment of Constituent Power in the Arab World: The Palestinian CaseKhalil, Asem
2008Enclave Micropolis: the Paradoxical Case of Ramallah/al-BirehTaraki, Lisa
Apr-2017End to end performance monitoring approachHussein, Salah; Sayyad, Abdel Salam
2011An energetic perspective on Zinc finger binding to DNAHamed, Mazen
2009Energy efficient swing signal generation circuits for clock distribution networksMohammad, Khader; Liu, Bao; Agaian, Sos
2007Engaging Schools and Classrooms: Students Focus and Engagement in the Learning ProcessAbdel Razeq, Anwar
2006Engaging the Unfocused and DisengagedAbdel Razeq, Anwar
Nov-2007Engineering accreditation: A developing nation perspectiveYahya, Adnan
1998Engineering education in Palestine : an analytical studyGhadban, Shadi
Dec-2016The English Language Teaching Situation in PalestineAbdel Razeq, Anwar; Bianchi, Robert
2001Enhanced pretreatment of black wastewater from Bir zeit University using UASB technologyMimi, Ziad; Al-Juaidy, Ahmad Eid Mussalem
2009Enhanced solid waste management by understanding the effects of gender, income, marital status, and religious convictions on attitudes and practices related to street littering in Nablus - Palestinian territoryKhatib, Issam; Arafat, Hasan; Daoud, R.; Shwahneh, H.