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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Efficient elliptic curve cryptosystems using efficient exponentiationDarweesh, Kamal
2009Efficient FPGA implementation of convolutionMohammad, Khader; Agaian, Sos
2014Efficient routing and data management in sensor networks using virtual cord routing (VCP)Awad, Abdalkarim; Dressler, Falko
2017Efficient service discovery in sensor networks using VCPAwad, Abdalkarim; German, Reinhard; Dressler, Falko
Mar-2004Efficient solution technique for solving Poisson Boltzmann equationSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Tuncay, Kagan; Ortoleva, Peter J.
1-Mar-2008EFL Online Curriculum Development: Problems and ChallengesAbdel-Fattah, Mahmoud
1901The egoist, a comedy in narrativeMeredith, George,1828-1909; Brownell, W. C. (William Crary), 1851-1928
1909EgyptLoti, Pierre, 1850-1923
1923Egypt and IsraelPetrie, Sir,1853-1942 W. M. Flinders ( William Matthew Flinders )
1914Egypt and the Sudan : handbook for travellersKarl Baedeker (Firm)
1886Egypt from the earliest times to B.C. 300Birch, Samuel, 1813-1885
1902Egypt under the PharaohsBrugsch, Heinrich, 1827-1894
1902Egypt; handbook for travellersBaedeker, Karl
12-Dec-2007eIFL-PALICO RelationshipSayej, Diana
1993Electron transfer between azide and chlorine dioxide: the effect of solvent barrier nonadditivity.Awad, Hani
2015An eligibility criteria query language for heterogeneous data warehousesBache, Richard; Taweel, Adel; Miles, Simon; Delaney, Brendan
2007Elliptic curve cryptosystems using efficient exponentiationSaleh, Mohammad
2009Emergent semantics systemsAberer, Karl; Catarci, Tiziana; Cudr ́e-Mauroux, Philippe; Dillon, Tharam; Grimm, Stephan; Hacid, Mohand-Said; Illarramend, Arantza; Jarrar, Mustafa; Kashyap, Vipul; Mecella, Massimo; Mena, Eduardo; Neuhold, Erich J.; Ouksel, Aris M.; Risse, Thomas; Scannapieco, Monica; Saltor, F`elix; de Santis, Luca; Spaccapietra, Stefano; Staab, Steffen; Studer, Rudi; De Troye, Olga
Dec-2015Emily Jacir: A star is far as the eye can see and as near as my eye is to meAnani, Yazid
2014The EMNLP 2014 Workshop on Arabic natural language processingJarrar, Mustafa