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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018Differences in rates and odds for emergency caesarean section in six Palestinian hospitals: a population based birth cohort studyZimmo, Mohammed; Laine, Katariina; Hassan, Sahar; Fosse, Erik; Lieng, Marit; Ali-Masri, Hadil; Zimmo, Khaled; Anti, Marit; Bottcher, Bettina; Sørum Falk, Ragnhild; Vikanes, Ase
Jun-2005Differential ConstraintsSayrafi, Bassem
1925A digest of the law of evidenceStephen, James Fitzjames, 1829-1894; Stephen, Herbert, 1857-1932; Stephen, Harry Lushington, 1860-1945
2017A dignified end : a right to live, die or exist ?AlKurd, Leena
2012Dignity and its components in Palestinian adolescents and young people: a pilot studyZeina, Amro
2006Dihydroceramide hinders ceramide channel formation: Implications on apoptosisStiban, Johnny; Fistere, Daniel; Colombini, Marco
Jun-2006Dihydroceramide hinders ceramide channel formation: Implications on apoptosisStiban, Johnny; Fistere, Daniel; Colombini, Marco
2004Dimeric anthocyanins from strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) consisting of pelargonidin 3-glucoside covalently linked to four flavan-3-olsFossen, Torgils; Rayyan, Saleh; Andersen, Øyvind M.
2005Direct preparation and structure determination of tertiary and secondary amine boranes from primary or secondary amine boranesShibli, A.; Abu Ali, Hijazi; Goldberg, Israel; Srebnik, Morris
2014Disability and change in the society : a study on the experience of a group of people with disabilities in the West Bank and Gaza in advocating disability issues through the empowerment of people with disabilities to claim their rights and entitlements projectSayrafi, Imad
1993Disability and Rehabilitation Needs in the Gaza Strip: Bureij and Shati Survey Report. National Committee for RehabilitationGiacaman, Rita
1998Discharge distribution in compound channels” Proceedings of the National Science Council, Part A: Physical Science and EngineeringKhatib, Issam
Jan-1996Discharge estimation in flow measurement flumes of compound sectionsKhatib, Issam
1997Discharge estimation in flumes of compound sectionsKhatib, Issam
2015Discharge prediction in flow measurement flumes with different downstream transition slopesGogus, Mustafa; Khatib, Issam; Atalay, Ahmet E.; Khatib, Jumana I.
2010Discorsi e pratiche della resistenza popolareAlazzeh, Ala
Jan-2003Disease preventionHusseini, Abdullatif; Laporte, Ronald
2002Distance learning: an educational survival strategy in war-like conditions at the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit UniversityHalileh, Samia; Giacaman, Rita
31-May-2017Distinct dynamics and interaction patterns in H‐and K‐Ras oncogenic P‐loop mutantsSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Prakash, Priyanka; Gorfe, Alemayehu A.
2015Distributed data management in sensor networks using miniDB / miniSQLAwad, Abdalkarim; Dressler, Falko