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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Women and men in the informal sector in the West Bank Palestine : home-based workers in the textile industryHindiyeh, Suha; Odeh, Suheir
1994Women and the informal economy in Palestine : a feminist critiqueAbdo, Nahla
1998Women and work in Palestine : a briefing on the situation of women in the employment sector in preparation for the ILO missionVitullo, Anita
2016Women entrepreneurship working in a conflict region: the case of PalestineSultan, Suhail
2010Women in labour and midwives during Israeli assault on Gaza Strip: between bullets and labour painsHassan, Sahar
1997Women in politics, Palestinian women : a status reportBirzeit University. Women's Studies Program
1996Women in the First Legislative ElectionsJad, Islah
6-Jul-2020Women MSMEs in times of crisis: challenges and opportunitiesSultan, Suhail ; Sultan, Wasim 
1873The women of the ArabsJessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910
1873The women of the ArabsJessup, Henry Harris, 1832-1910
2010Women's Health Care Utilization and Prescribing Patterns In Selected Clinics of Ramallah district: Developing the MethodologyBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2017Women's health in the occupied Palestinian territories: Contextual influences on subjective and objective health measuresBates, Katie ; Leone, Tiziana ; Ghandour, Rula ; Mitwalli, Suzan ; Nasr, Shiraz ; Coast, Ernestina ; Giacaman, Rita 
2016Women's health in the Occupied Palestinian territory: Self-rated health of 15-54 year old womenBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2012Women's needs and land-use planning : tha case of Tulkarem, PalestineGazal, Mervat
2002Women's Perceptions of Health and Illness in the Context of National Struggle in the Old City of Nablus, PalestineGiacaman, Rita
Jan-2016Women's specific needs and urban planning practices in the Middle East case of PalestineAl-Bishawi, Manal
1980Women, Islam and NGOsJad, Islah
2022Women, labour market outcomes and religion: evidence from the British labour marketDaoud, Yousef 
2015Women’s behaviour in public spaces and the influence of privacy as a cultural value: The case of Nablus, PalestineAl Bishawi, Manal; Ghadban, Shadi; Jorgensen, Karsten
2003Women’s empowerment : between theory and practice at the international and local levelsTaraki, Lisa